Author: Bianca Bache

Wagara: The Different Kinds of Kimono Pattern

Step into the world of timeless elegance and immerse yourself in the detailed art of Japanese kimono pattern. In Japan, the kimono is more than just a garment; it symbolizes tradition, culture, and refined beauty.

Osaka: A City Rich in History and Culture

With a history spanning centuries, Osaka has cemented its place as a beacon of culture and heritage. As the third-largest city in Japan, it stands as a testament to the country’s unwavering spirit of innovation and creativity.

The Best Castella Cake Flavors in Japan

Castella cakes have been in Japan since the 16th Century when Portuguese missionaries arrived in Nagasaki. The delectable sponge like cake made its way to mainland Japan, and flourished with exciting variations, flavors and shapes.

The Top 5 Best Places For Viewing Autumn In Japan

The wave of blossoming of reds, oranges and yellows that burst through Japan in the autumn season is highly anticipated. From late October the exciting hum begins. Find the best autumn viewing spots in Japan with Sakuraco.