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A plate of somen noodles.

Somen: The History of These Interesting Noodles!

Nagashi somen is a unique experience where flowing noodles test your chopstick skills. These thin Japanese noodles, known for their delicate texture, are perfect for hot summer days. Try somen to enjoy a refreshing and fun culinary tradition from Japan!

A raindrop cake with kinako powder and kuromitsu on top.

Raindrop Cake: One of the Most Beautiful Wagashi!

Raindrop cake is a stunning culinary art that has captivated food enthusiasts worldwide. This unique Japanese delicacy is known for its crystal-clear appearance and subtle flavor. It’s a must-try for those seeking to experience Japan’s refined culinary traditions.

A close up of Tohoku rice grain.

Tohoku Rice: Everything You Need to Know!

n Japan, the majority of rice comes from the Tohoku region. The Tohoku region is famous for high-quality ice brands, such as Hitomebore and Akitakomachi. Let’s look at introducing Tohoku rice and what makes it unique.

A bunch of women i kimono wearing Japanese hairstyles.

Japanese Hairstyles: What Makes Them Unique?

Period dramas and history manga often feature Nihongami, traditional Japanese hairstyles. So, let’s learn about these beautiful designs and their historical significance, which inspire fashion today.

A plate of Nanbu Senbei from Iwate Prefecture.

Iwate Has Amazing Crackers: Nanbu Senbei

The deliciousness of simple nanbu senbei comes from the high-quality ingredients and the care with which they are baked. The most common senbei contain either sesame seeds or peanuts.