Author: Kim Kahan

The Art of Gift Giving in Japan: How To!

Gift giving in Japan (and gift receiving) is a true art, entrenched with many customs and unspoken etiquette. Whether it’s the different types of gifts, the varying times of year for gift giving, or even how many hands to use to accept a gift, there is much to learn.

Hinamatsuri: Japan’s Girls’ Day Explained

Since the Heian Period (794-1195), every year on March 3rd is Girls’ Day, also known as Doll’s Festival or ‘Hina Matsuri’ in Japanese. This is a day in which families all over Japan wish for the health and prosperity of their young girls,

Japanese Coffee Jelly: A Sweet Staple From the 60s

Head to any kissaten (old-style coffee shop) in Japan, and chances are you’ll spot kohii zerii (coffee jelly) on the menu. A staple of Japanese coffee shops since the 1960s, Japanese coffee jelly has become so popular over the years that you can even spot it readymade in the chilled section in convenience stores.

Japanese Arare Rice Snacks: Definitions & Types

Arare is a tiny type of Japanese snack, known and loved for its crunchy texture. Arare is made of glutinous rice or beans and comes in all shapes and sizes. In fact, based on the type, it can be called a Japanese candy or a snack.

Yokohama Chinatown: A Gem of Chinese Culture in Japan

In Yokohama, to the south of Tokyo, lies the largest Chinatown in Japan, established nearly 150 years ago; full of shops, restaurants, and businesses bustling with activity. Visiting Yokohama Chinatown as a tourist can be a very fun experience.

Japanese New Year Food: Dishes Full of Symbolism | Sakuraco

In Japan, New Year is way more important than Christmas and is seen as one of, if not the most important times of the year. The tradition of celebrating the New Year on January 1st started in 1873, but Japanese New Year food has been around for way longer.