Author: Linh Le

What is shiso, it is a bunch of dark green leaves.

What is Shiso: Japanese Best Traditional Herb!

Although the shiso or perilla leaf originated in China, it has grown wild in Japan since ancient times. Shiso was widely known as a medical herb in China, but it is a traditional herb primarily used in cooking in Japan!

A kokeshi doll dressed in an elaborate kimono in celebration of Girls Day.

Girls Day: The Best Hinamatsuri Treats!

Although people celebrate Christmas and New Year’s worldwide, Japan has certain unique national holidays. You may have heard of Hinamatsuri, often known as the “Doll Festival,” which is a particular occasion for young girls.

A picture of a crested ibis with spread pink and white wings. In the water among green trees. It's native to Niigata, Japan.

Niigata, Japan: The Best Five Magnificent Birds

Niigata Prefecture is famous for incredible natural spots such as mountains and rice fields. Being blessed with natural sceneries, Niigata is also a motherland to many beautiful bird species.

Mito, Ibaraki at night, among the cherry blossoms.

Explore Mito, Ibaraki – a Hidden Gem of Kanto

Ibaraki prefecture is a well-known tourist destination in the Kanto region. The best part of coming to Ibaraki is you can easily find attractive spots with scenic views and delicious specialties year-round. 

An imposing red gate torii gate, reflective of shinto in Japan.

Shinto Religion in Japan: The Ultimate Guide

Shinto is based on beliefs in the supernatural and nature itself. Its beliefs of purity, respect for the cycle of life, and “the way of the Gods” underline every aspect of traditional and modern Japanese culture.