Author: Marissa Ellis

A boat in a lake in Arashiyama.

Climate in Japan: Everything You Need to Know

Climate in Japan is as diverse as its culture. Japan offers a fascinating array of weather. Japan has four seasons, but three distinct zones can also define the country’s climate..

A matcha Japanese tea set on a tatami mat, one of many perfect gifts for Japanese business associates.

Green Tea Grades: Everything You Need to Know!

Green tea, a beloved drink in Japan, offers a range of flavors and qualities. Each cup tells a story of cultivation and expert craftsmanship. Here are some grades of green tea that you should know about.

Most Beautiful Beaches of Japan: A Guide!

Japan has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. While the world knows the country for its cultural and historical attractions, its coastal gems are often underrated.

A plate of sushi.

Which Countries Love Sushi the Most?

It’s pretty safe to say that sushi is Japan’s most well-known cuisine. The question we find ourselves asking today is this: which parts of the world love sushi the most?

A woman drinking sake and relaxing in hot springs.

The World’s Best Hot Spring Bathing Destinations

With spas and self-care spaces already a popular leisure activity, nature’s mineral and thermal springs spa is a phenomenon among travelers and relaxers alike. Not only can the warm waters soothe your well-being, but they also make stunning photos!

A plate of dango filled with chestnut paste, along with some chestnuts on the side. Chestnuts are popular in Ibaraki.

The Best Traditional Autumn Flavors of Japan

Warm sweaters, shorter days, and the changing of the leaves are all clear indications that autumn is here. Autumn presents the perfect time to get a whole variety of limited edition seasonal treats