Author: Terrell Wallin

Mochi Foods To Fill Your Rice Cake Craving

Mochi is a special must-have dish for most of Japan’s holidays, as it is considered to be a food that brings good luck and fulfillment. However, it is not just a delicious dessert on its own, but also a source of ingredients to make other Japanese mochi foods.

Hokkaido Milk Tea: A Creamy Japanese Drink Delight

In recent years, bubble (or tapioca) milk tea has become a rage among the younger Japanese community. If you are also a fan of milk tea, a famous milk tea specialty from Japan that you surely have to try once is Hokkaido milk tea. 

Kyushu Local Food You Have to Try On Your Next Trip

Kyushu is made up of nine prefectures, and in a Japanese culture which is obsessed with meibutsu (regional foods), the island region has a lot to offer in the form of Kyushu local food. In fact, it is said that Kyushu has the second largest number of restaurants per person in the whole of Japan.

Kyushu Culture: Cultural Sites You Have To See

When many visitors to Japan think of Japanese culture, they often think of Kyoto. However, Kyushu has a rich history and deep culture that plays an important role in Japan. Whether it’s Japanese mythology, regional ramen varieties, or its beautiful history, there are plenty of reasons to take a look at Kyushu culture.

Tsukimi: The Origin of Japanese Garden Moon Viewings

There is much to be said in literature about hanami or ‘flower viewing’ in traditional Japanese culture. Particularly around cherry blossom time, when locals and tourists alike gather around friends to have a picnic under a sky of budding pink flowers.

A Guide to a Perfect Seven Days in Kyushu

Kyushu, Japan, is more often than not overlooked by many tourists in favor of more popular spots like Tokyo and Osaka. But Kyushu is a hidden gem, being home to one of the friendliest populations and most breathtaking scenery in Japan.

Let’s Go Hiking! The Best Hiking Trails in Kyushu

The island of Kyushu, the southernmost part of Japan, is actually closer to Korea than to Tokyo. This makes for a complete change in scenery from Japan’s most famous city, especially in nature and on hiking trails. Let’s have a look!

Japanese Milk Pudding: An Easy How-to Recipe & Guide

For many people, the words ‘Japanese pudding’ make them think of Mt. Fuji-shaped yellow pudding topped with a caramel sauce. However, Japanese milk pudding is just as delicious with a simpler and lighter taste. It is a dessert that visitors fall in love with, and Japanese people living abroad often miss.

Kutani Ware: Japan’s Colorful Ceramic Style

In the world of Japanese ceramics, Japanese porcelain often sticks out as reigning supreme. The classic Imari ware combined white and blue to make beautiful pieces, popular around the world. However, Kutani ware is another signature Japanese style that stands out with its unique color combinations and interesting history. 

Imari Porcelain Ware: Japan’s Beautiful Ceramic Art

mari ware was one of the first types of Japanese ceramics to reach Europe. Contrary to the simple beauty of Raku ware, Imari ware was characterized by its cobalt blue and white designs and swirling red and gold Oriental patterns…