Author: Thalia Harris

A pile of white and red miso.

Miso Paste: Everything You Need to Know!

Miso paste plays a big role in Japanese cooking. It’s found in miso soup dishes and adds a special flavor to grilled meats, making them taste nutty and sweet.

Overgrown moss on Buddha statues in a Zen garden.

Map of Japan: Five Amazing Secret Places to Visit!

When most people look at a map of Japan, they usually focus on places like Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. But there are a few more places to check out if you ever travel there! Let’s visit five places in Japan on your next journey!

A man embraces a woman holding a Valentine's Day gift bouquet.

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts to Get This Year!

Looking for unique and meaningful Valentine’s Day gifts? Why not take inspiration from Japan’s gift-giving culture, where giving gifts is considered an art form and a way to express one’s affection thoughtfully and personally?