Author: Yen

These Healthy Japanese Snacks Are Packed Full of Flavor

Kit Kats, Pocky, umaibo—many of Japan’s most popular snacks might give the more health-conscious among us pause. But despite the country’s well established enthusiasm for colorful, super-salty, and sugary treats, there are just as many healthy Japanese snacks as there are indulgent ones.

A cup of Japanese matcha green tea.

How to Make Matcha Tea Without a Whisk

Unlike other green teas, matcha is a fine powder produced by drying and grinding specially cultivated tea leaves, thereby conserving all of the leaves’ nutrients.

Two men making what is mochi (yomogi.mugwort) flavor in a traditional pestle.

What is Mochi, and How is it Made: A Guide!

For many Japanese, making mochi (glutinous rice cakes) is a time-honored tradition. As a variety of Japanese cakes made from sticky rice dough, mochi comes in many different shapes and flavors.