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A bunch of women in a traditional Ryukyu procession, wearing orange ryusou robes.

Ryukyu Traditional Arts You Should Know

Okinawa is a popular destination in Japan. However, these volcanic and coral islands between Kyushu and Taiwan also have a less popular name—the Ryukyu Islands.

Slices of suika (watermelon) with a whole watermelon and a fan against a straw background.

Suika: Why Does Japan Love Watermelon So Much?

People in Japan celebrate watermelon on July 27th each year with events called “suika no hi,” helping them beat the summer heat and bring a refreshing touch to hot days. Many people believe this fruit influences and shapes their way of life! Let’s explore all things related to Japanese watermelon!

Edo-Tokyo Opening Air Architectural Museum in Koganei.

Old Tokyo: A Look at the Traditional Side of the City

Tokyo, Japan’s vibrant capital, has a rich history dating back to its days as Edo. In 1603, it became the political center of Japan under Tokugawa Ieyasu’s shogunate. Despite many changes throughout history, old Tokyo has maintained its traditional charms.

Yoron Island under a clear blue sky in Kagoshima Prefecture, formerly the Satsuma Province.

Satsuma Today: Five Amazing Sights in Kagoshima

At first glance, the Satsuma region in Kagoshima Prefecture may seem a bit isolated and off the beaten path. However, it’s famous for its active volcano, but it also offers a selection of other attractions despite its laid-back atmosphere.

A small samurai helmet, representing the bakufu government.

Bakufu: The Government of the Feudal Lords

Bakufu, or the “shogunate,” was the military government led by the shoguns, the true power behind the throne, overshadowing the emperor and the imperial court in Kyoto.