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Two women in kimono walking down the street among cherry blossoms. There are many sakura words related to this vocabulary workshop.

Vocabulary Workshop: Best Words for Cherry Blossoms!

In Japan, the cherry blossom tree and its flowers signify spring. These blossoms bring luck and love but also reflect the reminder of life’s fragility due to their brief bloom. Their influence is everywhere, especially in the Japanese language.

A traditional Japanese shrine near a sakura tree of Japan.

Sakura of Japan: Best Top Nine Cherry Blossoms

Sakura has become a cultural symbol associated with many traditional Japanese activities in spring, including the custom of hanami (flower viewing). Most types of cherry blossoms have their unique beauty and different flowering times.

Japan’s Best Sakura Spots

Curious about where to see the cherry blossoms in Japan? Check out our list of the best spots to watch the sakura bloom!

Sakura Food & Drink: Japan’s Mochi Noodles & More

Not just a cultural symbol, the national flower of Japan – cherry blossom or sakura – is also skillfully used in cooking to create unique flavors and enhance the attractiveness of traditional Japanese food and drink.

What is Hanami? A Brief History

‘Flower viewing’ was originally reserved for a different blossom and the upper class. Nowadays, it’s enjoyed by everyone.