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A bowl of strawberries in Japan, answering "are strawberries a fruit".

Are Strawberries a Fruit–In the Winter?

Strawberries are a winter fruit in Japan instead of a summer fruit in the West. Because many farmers in Japan use unique agricultural techniques , Japanese strawberries are very popular year-round! 

A plate of dark, red bean uiro mochi.

Uiro Mochi: The Amazing Traditional Steamed Cake 

Japan is a sweet rice cake paradise, ranging from lovely daifuku mochi (sweet sticky rice cake) to crispy senbei (dry rice cake). Uiro is one of the oldest mochi cakes with a unique shape and flavor.

Rows and rows of strawberry daifuku.

The Best Strawberry Daifuku Flavors from Japan!

Experience a fantastic fusion of Japanese and Western-style desserts with ichigo daifuku (strawberry daifuku). Ichigo daifuku is a seasonal delight usually consumed in the spring when strawberries are in season.

A beach hat, blue flip flops and bag on a beach during summer in Japan.

Ways to Have the Best Summer in Japan!

Summer in Japan usually feels hot and humid. But there are plenty of season-specific adventures to enjoy that don’t involve overheating in the sun! Japan is full of wonder and attractions, and visiting Japan in the summer is a colorful and beautiful adventure.

Osaka: A City Rich in History and Culture

With a history spanning centuries, Osaka has cemented its place as a beacon of culture and heritage. As the third-largest city in Japan, it stands as a testament to the country’s unwavering spirit of innovation and creativity.