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A photogaph of a man hiding some roses and gifts behind his back for White Day.

What is Japan’s White Day?-March 14th

While Valentines Day in Japan involves women given chocolates to men, White Day is when men have to return the favor. However, the secret meanings behind these sweets are entirely different! Read on to learn more about the significance of gift-giving on White Day!

Sakura Food & Drink: Japan’s Mochi Noodles & More

Not just a cultural symbol, the national flower of Japan – cherry blossom or sakura – is also skillfully used in cooking to create unique flavors and enhance the attractiveness of traditional Japanese food and drink.

Hinamatsuri: Japan’s Girls’ Day Explained

Since the Heian Period (794-1195), every year on March 3rd is Girls’ Day, also known as Doll’s Festival or ‘Hina Matsuri’ in Japanese. This is a day in which families all over Japan wish for the health and prosperity of their young girls,

Japanese New Year Food: Dishes Full of Symbolism | Sakuraco

In Japan, New Year is way more important than Christmas and is seen as one of, if not the most important times of the year. The tradition of celebrating the New Year on January 1st started in 1873, but Japanese New Year food has been around for way longer.

Ishikari Nabe: Hokkaido’s Must-try Salmon Hotpot

Another year is about to end, and we know that it is the season for cozy family gatherings, warm clothes, and heart-warming food – for sure! Nabe, or hotpot, is definitely a must-try dish that is undoubtedly delicious yet easy to make at home for a cold evening.