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A bowl of strawberries in Japan, answering "are strawberries a fruit".

Are Strawberries a Fruit–In the Winter?

Strawberries are a winter fruit in Japan instead of a summer fruit in the West. Because many farmers in Japan use unique agricultural techniques , Japanese strawberries are very popular year-round! 

The Best Castella Cake Flavors in Japan

Castella cakes have been in Japan since the 16th Century when Portuguese missionaries arrived in Nagasaki. The delectable sponge like cake made its way to mainland Japan, and flourished with exciting variations, flavors and shapes.

A plate of dango filled with chestnut paste, along with some chestnuts on the side. Chestnuts are popular in Ibaraki.

The Best Traditional Autumn Flavors of Japan

Warm sweaters, shorter days, and the changing of the leaves are all clear indications that autumn is here. Autumn presents the perfect time to get a whole variety of limited edition seasonal treats