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The Best Castella Cake Flavors in Japan

Castella cakes have been in Japan since the 16th Century when Portuguese missionaries arrived in Nagasaki. The delectable sponge like cake made its way to mainland Japan, and flourished with exciting variations, flavors and shapes.

An assortment of traditional Japanese snacks, including rice crackers and dried vegetable chips.

A Guide to Popular Traditional Japanese Snacks

There are many delicious snacks to enjoy in Japan, from fried foods to sweets! You may have heard of popular snacks like Pocky, Hi-chew, Senbei, and Dorayaki, but there are also traditional Japanese snacks worth trying.

Mochi Foods To Fill Your Rice Cake Craving

Mochi is a special must-have dish for most of Japan’s holidays, as it is considered to be a food that brings good luck and fulfillment. However, it is not just a delicious dessert on its own, but also a source of ingredients to make other Japanese mochi foods.