Hotels in Japan: Five Interesting Ones You Must See!


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A pool at one of many hotels in Japan.

Japan has many types of hotels, from modern to traditional–something for everyone! Some of the most exciting hotels are also located outside of Tokyo. These hotels range from city retreats to cozy, secluded, and remote locations. So, if you want to elevate your Japan experience, keep reading! This article will introduce the five most exciting hotels to visit!

Tokyo Station Hotel

Tokyo Station Hotel is directly located within Tokyo Station, making it a very convenient hotel, especially after a long flight! The hotel is a convenient and luxury hotel known for its Meiji-era style design, unique guestrooms, and stylish bars and restaurants. The hotel was initially constructed in 1915, a year after Tokyo Station had opened. Since then, the hotel has undergone significant transformations, making it one of the best luxury hotels in Japan. 

The front lobby of Tokyo Station Hotel.
The Tokyo Station Hotel has a Western-inspired Meiji decor! Image via New York Times


There are eight types of guestrooms to choose from. All rooms feature classic European decor, such as high-vaulted ceilings and windows. The 65 sqm Maisonette room will be a great choice if you seek privacy and luxury! The Maisonette room is a duplex guest room occupying two levels, offering guests the perfect combination of space and privacy.

Additionally, you can see great views of the Marunouchi cityscape. With a private staircase connecting both floors, you can truly feel like you’re at a home away from home! You can also enjoy in-room massages and video-on-demand services. 

Hoshinoya Fuji

Hoshinoya Fuji is Japan’s first luxury glamping resort. Over the last few years, glamping has become a popular experience in Japan, with exceptional resorts popping up throughout the country. This resort is located near Lake Kawaguchi and offers spectacular views of Mt Fuji and the lake. It’s also far from attractions such as Oishi Park, the Fuji Oishi Hanaterrace, and the Kawaguchiko Konohana Museum.

The outside of Hoshinoya Fuji.
Hoshinoya Fuji is a famous glamping spot in Japan. Image via Rakuten Travel

If you love being surrounded by nature, this is a perfect place to stay! The resort is surrounded by forest. Unlike hotels or campsites, the resort features 40 fully serviced cabins with modern The cabin’s minimalist interiors to keep the main focus on Mount Fuji. Although the cabins are minimalistic, they are still very cozy, with wide sofas and comfy beds. The S cabin also includes a wood fire stove, perfect for a winter escape!

In addition to the cabins, the dining experience at Hoshinoya is to be noticed! The menu is seasonal and can include menu items such as deer and boar. The restaurant offers various dining options. You can take in nature through Al Fresco dining, where a glamping master can help you prepare meals. You can also eat at the restaurant’s dining hall or bring food to your cabin, where you can enjoy the scenery while you eat. 

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Ryokan Hakone Ginyu

If you love hot springs, this ryokan is the perfect place! Hakone Ginyu is located in Hakone City and Kanagawa Prefecture. Here, you can enjoy superb views of the Hakone mountain range and Hayakawa ravine across all seasons. The main highlight of staying at Hakone Ginyu is that all guest rooms have an outdoor private onsen. There are also shared indoor and outdoor onsen and chartered onsen available to use.

A room at Hakone Ginyu, complete with an open air bath.
Hakone Ginyu has private open-air baths! Image via Kanagawa Travel Info

You can also enjoy the delicious regional cuisine at Ryokan Hakone Ginyu. Breakfast and Dinner options include regional produce such as Kamakura vegetables and Soshu-Gyu (Kanagawa Beef). You can also visit the Ryokan’s bar to try local sake. If you want to escape the busyness of cities, this is the perfect place! 

The Key Highland Nasu

The Key Highland Nasu is a secluded hotel deep in the forests of Nasu City in Tochigi Prefecture. Here, you can feel one with nature as trees and wildlife surround you.  Featuring forest walks, cycling, an aqua garden, and four types of onsen, this all-inclusive hotel is a perfect place to escape with family or friends! In addition to these activities, you do yoga and star gazing on the hotel’s grounds when weather permits. 

The outside of The Key Highland Nasu, one of many hotels in Japan.
The Key Highland Nasu is deep in the forests of Tochigi. Image via Rakuten Travel

This hotel is also the perfect place to experience Nasu regional cuisine. The hotel’s “Mori no Kitchen” restaurant provides buffet dinners and breakfasts featuring fresh ingredients. When you check-in, you can also roast marshmallows by the fireplace, making it a perfect cozy escape! A sundae bar is also available where you can make your sundaes, a fun way to create a memorable end note for your trip!

Lamp no Yado

Ever wanted to have an onsen experience right by the sea? Then you should bookmark this place! Lamp no Yado is a remote bed and breakfast at the tip of the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture. Running for 444 years, It is considered to be one of the oldest running businesses in Japan. Overlooking the sea, the bed and breakfast is a luxury retreat for those wanting to be close to the ocean with beautiful views and delicious meals. 

A night scene of Lamp no Yado, one of many luxurious hotels in Japan.
Lamp no Yado is an enchanted bed and breakfast by the sea. Image via Kanagawa Travel

The bed and breakfast features private baths in each room that overlook the beautiful scenery outside. In addition to private baths, Lamp No Yado has a unique outdoor onsen, Nami no Yu, situated atop the Sea of Japan. Although the location is remote, you will be fed generously with delicious fresh seafood, Noto beef, and more! If you want to experience luxury by the sea, Lamp no Yado is one of the best hotels in Japan! 

What makes hotels in Japan unique?

There are many types of hotels to stay in Japan. Some are in the middle of the city, like Tokyo Station Hotel, while others are in remote locations like Lamp no Yado. Staying in an exciting hotel can elevate your Japan trip. No matter your preferences, you can find a memorable luxury hotel to stay in! Which hotel do you find the most interesting? Let us know in the comments below!

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