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A steaming bowl of sukiyaki, a traditional Japanese food. There's seared tofu, vegetables and meat.

Traditional Japanese Foods: Autumn Edition

The hot, humid Japanese summer has finally passed by. The leaves are changing color, the breeze is getting cooler, and you want something to warm you up as you enjoy the outdoor delights that Japan has to offer in autumn.

Yokohama Ramen: Misunderstood or Genius?

Perhaps one of the most polarizing styles of ramen to ever emerge from Japan, Yokohama ramen, known as Yokohama iekei (family-style) ramen, has one of two reputations.

Hokkaido Ramen: Five Types To Stay Warm In Hokkaido Winters

In a prefecture as cold as Hokkaido, it seems as if ramen (Chinese-style wheat noodles) was destined to be a stronghold of flavor that fortifies the people of the land. Historically, Hokkaido ramen has revolved around the big three: Sapporo, Asahikawa, and Hakodate ramen.

Kyushu Local Food You Have to Try On Your Next Trip

Kyushu is made up of nine prefectures, and in a Japanese culture which is obsessed with meibutsu (regional foods), the island region has a lot to offer in the form of Kyushu local food. In fact, it is said that Kyushu has the second largest number of restaurants per person in the whole of Japan.