Things to Do in Hiroshima: Best Places to Check Out!


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Two people standing near Itsukushima Shrine. It's one of many things to do in Hiroshima.

There are countless things to do in Hiroshima. Whether you’re visiting for a single-day trip or taking a week’s vacation, Hiroshima has plenty to offer any visitor. From relaxing shrines and gorgeous vistas to top-rate food and culture, Hiroshima has everything. Here are a handful of iconic places and locales you should see and experience during your next visit.

Miyajima Island

Miyajima Island is a gorgeous and very famous island in Hiroshima. Its name means “shine island,” so visitors expect to see some of Japan’s finest shrines. This island is one of the top three places to view in Japan, making it a highly desirable place to visit. While it can become lively during the day, those staying later in the evening can find the island much more quiet and relaxing. This is because there are many ryokan available nearby for people to rest at.

Itsukushima Shrine near Miyajima Island.
Miyajima Island is home to the “floating shrine”. Image via Shutterstock

Miyajima Island is known for Itsukushima Shrine, its primary shrine. The island has stunning shrines to see, and its torii gates are also fantastic. Not to mention, its largest torii gate seems to float atop the water during high tide, creating a truly magical and tranquil panorama.

Tomonoura Scenic Fishing Village

Tomonoura is a port town at the southern end of Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture. It was a bustling coastal town famous for fishing and sailing and producing homeishu, a unique medicinal liquor. Today, Tomonoura has retained much of its classic maritime charm and has been featured in several major movies.

The Tomonoura Fishing Village. Visiting it is one of many things to do in Hiroshima.
This is one of the most enchanting fishing villages in Japan! Image via Shutterstock

Visitors can explore the Museum of History and Folklore, the Irohamaru Museum, the Joyato Lighthouse, and the Ota Residence, which offer insights into the town’s history. Additionally, visiting the eastern pier is a must, as it provides a beautiful view of the city and the bay. Tomonoura is part of the Setonaikai National Park, and its picturesque, old-fashioned fishing townscape and laid-back atmosphere make it a charming destination for visitors.

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Buttsuji Temple

Buttsuji Temple is a large Buddhist temple located in Hiroshima. It is the head of one of fourteen autonomous branches of the Rinzai school of Zen Buddhism. Visitors that take the train can pass beneath rows of arched trees, a wonderful and serene entry into the temple grounds.

Buttsuji Temple in the autumn.
Buttsuji Temple is home to the Rinzai school of Zen Buddhism. Image via Shutterstock

Those fond of photography will have the time of their lives as they stroll the grounds. Countless statues, bridges, lanterns, and more are all around the temple. Buttsuji Temple is an excellent place for those seeking a quiet and reserved afternoon in Hiroshima.

Hiroshima Castle

Hiroshima Castle, also known as Carp Castle, is a historic castle in Hiroshima, Japan. It was originally built in the 1590s and served as the residence of the daimyo of the Hiroshima Domain. Though the original castle perished during WWII, it was reconstructed in 1958 as a replica. Today, it’s a popular history museum.

Hiroshima Castle in the autumn.
Hiroshima Castle is also a history museum. Image via Shutterstock

The castle is a significant part of Hiroshima’s heritage and attracts millions of visitors, especially during the New Year. The castle’s main keep is five stories tall, and a moat surrounds its grounds. The castle is a good example of a castle built on a plain in the center of a city, as opposed to the hilltop and mountaintop castles. It is an important symbol of the city’s resilience and a popular tourist attraction.

Peace Memorial Park

Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Park is a large park dedicated to the memory of those who died during the WWII bombings. The park contains many different museums, centers, memorials, and structures. The most striking monument in Peace Memorial Park is the A-Bomb Dome, the ruins of a building that was close to the epicenter of the blast.

The Peace Memorial Park at night.
The Peace Memorial Park is a notable historical site. Image via Shutterstock

Peace Memorial Park also has the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, the Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall, and the Children’s Peace Monument, among many more places to visit. The park also has the Hiroshima Peace Memorial and Lantern Ceremonies, symbolizing world peace.

Why should I visit these places in Hiroshima?

You should visit Hiroshima because it has incredible parks, forests, lakes, and natural beauty. It is home to museums that celebrate its colorful past as a seat of political power. Hiroshima has fantastic food and hospitality, making it a perfect travel destination.

Have you visited Hiroshima before? Where specifically did you go? Were you there for the monuments and museums or the temples and shrines? Please let us know in the comments below! We would love to hear about your visit!

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