Author: Karina Ikedo

A taiko drummer at one of the Okinawa festivals.

The Okinawa Festival: Five Great Events to Discover!

Okinawa festivals will surely please people of all ages, as there’s something to suit every taste and preference. The island is packed with must-see events throughout the year, from centuries-old festivals to seasonal festivitie!

A bunch of kokuto brown sugar cubes.

Kokuto: The Best Okinawa Brown Sugar Snacks

Kokuto (Okinawa’s healthy brown sugar) is one of Okinawa’s best gifts to the world. Produced in Japan’s southernmost tropical islands, it plays a vital role in the local economy, agriculture, and diet.

New Japanese green tea leaves on a gray background.

Shincha: New Green Tea in Japanese Cuisine

The world of tea is so much bigger than just your standard black tea or herbal tisane. Within each different type of tea, dozens of unique variations enhance the art of tea drinking. Green teas are no exception.