Author: Karina Ikedo

A sliced, ripe melon, one of many fruits in Japan.

Fruits in Japan: Why Do People Treasure Them?

Fruits in Japan are admired for their sheer beauty and for the value that they hold in Japan’s distinctive culture. These luscious fruits are a gem to the Japanese people, from cube watermelons, white strawberries, and plump jewel-like grapes.

Rows and rows of strawberry daifuku.

The Best Strawberry Daifuku Flavors from Japan!

Experience a fantastic fusion of Japanese and Western-style desserts with ichigo daifuku (strawberry daifuku). Ichigo daifuku is a seasonal delight usually consumed in the spring when strawberries are in season.

A beach hat, blue flip flops and bag on a beach during summer in Japan.

Ways to Have the Best Summer in Japan!

Summer in Japan usually feels hot and humid. But there are plenty of season-specific adventures to enjoy that don’t involve overheating in the sun! Japan is full of wonder and attractions, and visiting Japan in the summer is a colorful and beautiful adventure.

A brilliantly pink cherry blossom tree on a hill in Shizuoka.

Shizuoka: The Best Sakura Viewing Spots

If you want to make the most of spring, you’re in the right place! The sakura trees in Shizuoka prefecture are famous for blooming earlier than usual. 

Two people exchanging a red gift box. Gifts for Japanese business associates are important for good relationships.

The Best Gifts for Japanese Business Associates

In Japanese culture and society, corporate gifts are widely accepted and valued, just like in most other countries worldwide. Giving gifts is a big deal in Japanese culture since it shows respect, friendship, and appreciation. 

A box of small traditional Japanese gift boxes, wrapped with thin string.

The Best Traditional Japanese Gifts for Housewarming!

You are in the right place if you have someone in your life that is obsessed with Japan and its culture. The following guide is a thoughtful, in-depth list of the best Japanese housewarming gift ideas for anyone who loves Japanese culture and anything Japanese.

Two women in kimono walking down the street among cherry blossoms. There are many sakura words related to this vocabulary workshop.

Vocabulary Workshop: Best Words for Cherry Blossoms!

In Japan, the cherry blossom tree and its flowers signify spring. These blossoms bring luck and love but also reflect the reminder of life’s fragility due to their brief bloom. Their influence is everywhere, especially in the Japanese language.