The Best Traditional Japanese Gifts for Housewarming!


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A box of small traditional Japanese gift boxes, wrapped with thin string.

Traditional Japanese gifts make excellent housewarming presents, especially if the recipient loves Japanese culture! The following guide is a thoughtful, in-depth list of the best Japanese housewarming gift ideas for anyone who loves Japanese culture and anything Japanese.

You’ll be glad to know that despite being a niche interest, many excellent Japanese gift suggestions are easy to find. Keep reading as we’ll take you through the best gift ideas for a Japan lover!

Matcha Tea Set

Matcha tea that is silky and foamy is our favorite! If you agree, consider offering your loved one a matcha tea set to enjoy this traditional Japanese drink. Now you can practice the tea ceremony in your own home.

A matcha tea set, including powder, and a latter on a tatami mat with related wooden utensils.
Matcha is one of Japan’s most famous tea. Image via Shutterstock

The set usually has a traditional tea bowl, bamboo whisk and scoop, whisk rest, and ceremonial-grade matcha powder. A traditional Japanese tea ceremony is perfect for finding peace during a busy day. Matcha is healthy.

Japanese Tableware

Provide authentic Japanese tableware to all people who enjoy Japanese food! Japanese tableware is the Japanese craftsmanship that invites itself to the table; it is refined and elegant. In Japan, the aesthetics of the food and culinary preparations are just as important as the flavors and tastes themselves. Because of this, Japanese dinnerware is a work of art. 

Stacks of Japanese arita tableware on a table. They are blue and white.
Tableware is very lovely and delicate. Image via Shutterstock

Japanese porcelain is well-known for its many fine qualities; the high-fired kaolin clays create attractive and incredibly durable porcelain. The tableware is perfect for dinnerware because it doesn’t absorb water even when unglazed. You will find the perfect tableware, from teacups to rice bowls and sushi sets to impress your loved ones. These make excellent home decor and are a perfect way to enjoy ramen.

Japanese Mini Zen Garden

Bring calm and happiness to loved ones with a Japanese Zen garden. Gorgeously packaged with the elements for inner peace, a delightful Zen gift set comes with 12 premium Asian-inspired features for endless arranging.

A mini garden with bonsai, light gray gravel and a small rake.
A mini Zen garden is good for meditation., Image via Shutterstock

It’s a relaxing activity or hobby that can bring peace and help take their mind off of things. Zen gardens are a Japanese tradition that is well-liked by fans of the culture. This beautiful Zen garden will make one of many charming traditional Japanese gifts for your friend or loved one.

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Traditional Pajamas

The jinbei (a traditional Japanese pajama) is incredibly well-liked. It’s both elegant and casual. The pajama set comes with a jacket and shorts (or pants), making the perfect comfy outfit! It is a popular wafuku (traditional clothing) in Japan, especially during the matsuri season. It is cozy and lightweight.

A woman wearing jinbei pajamas, smiling as she looks out the window.
You can usually find jinbei pajamas at hotels. Image via Shutterstock

This two-piece cotton set can be worn as a unique indoor outfit or as pajamas. Unlike the kimono, it does not need a belt, and its elastic waist adapts for maximum comfort. The jinbei is a beautiful Japanese gift idea for men because it was traditionally masculine clothing worn by samurai. However, some women wear these traditional Japanese gifts as well!

A pair of folded jinbei pajamas. They are blue and white with black and brown ties.
Jinbei pajamas are very comfortable. Image via Shutterstock

Today, jinbei is also available for women, with lovely classic patterns like cherry blossoms or more modern ones with sushi or cats. Another popular Japanese pattern is the seigaiha (blue sea and waves). The jinbei is the perfect gift for a loved one or anyone who enjoys the Japanese way of life.

Handheld Fan

A fan is one of the best Japanese gifts because they are beautiful and valuable. The Japanese folding fan is essential to Japanese culture and society. The fans can be associated with some traditional dance forms and other cultural aspects of Japan. They come in many beautiful prints and colors, like Mount Fuji.

A display of Japanese hand fans in different colors.
“Hand fans” are “sensu” in Japanese. Image via Shutterstock

The fan is a beautiful, foldable piece of art. It can fit in the handbag’s slimmest pockets. It’s perfect for cooling down and reasonably practical in the heat since it comes with its bag. When it’s opened, it has soothing colors and decorations. Some designs also use calligraphy for an elegant finish. This is one of many traditional Japanese gifts that is very practical.

Traditional Japanese Chopsticks

These reusable titanium-plated metal chopsticks are an excellent Japanese gift for sushi lovers! Chopsticks are a classy and practical present. Great for creating a stunning Japanese-style table and embracing the ambiance of a Tokyo restaurant. 

Four pairs of red, black (x2) and yellow wooden chopsticks.
Chopsticks are practical and pretty gifts. Image via Shutterstock

Many Japanese chopsticks sets have wooden or durable cardboard cases and traditional or contemporary patterns. The modern, exquisite design and elegant gift box make these a nice gift for any occasion. This unique present is excellent for families of two to five pairs. Consider the carrying case or the chopstick rest if you choose this gift! 

Origami Paper

For the artsy one, origami (the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures) paper is perfect. Although it’s not a challenging hobby, this traditional Japanese craft is rewarding. The sturdy but beautiful paper is all they need to get started! 

A bunch of origami figures, which make for great traditional gifts.
Origami is an entertaining art form for all ages. Image via Shutterstock

Many origami sets have hundreds of sheets of brightly colored origami paper. They make origami art simple and fun to make. If your friend is not a pro at origami, don’t worry! Most sets contain a book that shows detailed diagrams on how to fold each origami properly.

Sake Set

This sake set is the ideal present for everyone who appreciates Japanese sake (rice wine). It’s Japan’s finest beverage and comes from fermented rice with the bran removed. Some of these sake brands can be expensive and even come with porcelain cups!

A bunch of black, glazed sake cups with sakura flowers on the side.
Sake cups come in all shapes and sizes. Image via Shutterstock

The sake set includes a sake bottle, a mug for keeping things warm, and a bamboo tray. The simple warmer can serve each cup of sake to the ideal temperature. Also, this present is a fantastic complement to someone’s home bar!

Bonsai Tree

What about a Japanese gift idea that might outlive both the giver and the receiver? A Japanese bonsai tree can be an excellent option to gift something that lasts longer than an afternoon. These small trees might be an excellent option for someone with time, patience, and the ability to care for it. They can survive for hundreds of years if appropriately cared for.  

A small green bonsai tree.
Bonsai trees are an art form. Image via Shutterstock

The result is a genuinely live work of art that can be sculpted and modified as desired, making it a stunning centerpiece for any environment. There are a couple of ways to begin a bonsai tree: from seeds, or you can buy a tree already partially grown, which is probably better for gift-giving. People can find bonsai trees at many garden centers across the country, but Herons Bonsai, which specializes in them, may be your best bet.

Japanese Towel

Japanese have used the tenugui (a thin cotton towel) daily for centuries. This rectangular piece of patterned fabric has several uses. It can be a handkerchief, towel, bandana, improvised bandage, bundle, wall decoration, and so on! They mostly use the tenugui for bathing, especially at a Japanese onsen (Japanese hot spring). The tenugui is frequently sold in Japan as a souvenir, creating a unique and creative gift idea.

A light blue Japanese tenugui towel in a wooden bucket, one of many popular traditional Japanese gifts.
Tenugui is used for cleaning and accessories. Image via Shutterstock

Japan is a beautiful country with a fascinating culture well-known in the entertainment and culinary world. These gifts serve as proof of that. Take a deep dive into Japan’s fascinating culture, customs, and heritage by giving one of these beautiful traditional Japanese gifts. 

No matter the occasion, they will truly appreciate receiving a Japanese-inspired gift that will put a smile on their face. Some items are so beautiful you may want to pick out something for yourself! Which traditional Japanese gifts are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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