Father’s Day Gifts: Best Traditional Presents to Get This June!


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An assortment of Father's Day gifts, featuring a cup of coffee, a blue gift box and a mustache.

This Father’s Day, elevate your gift-giving with exquisite offerings from Sakuraco! From custom cutlery to amazing tea sets, these Father’s Day gifts will surely make the father in your life feel appreciated this June!

Sakuraco Knife

A custom decorative kitchen knife by Sakuraco. It features a cherry blossom motif.
This knife is custom-made and would make a great addition to any kitchen!

Sakuraco kitchen knives are an exceptional Father’s Day gift because they combine unparalleled craftsmanship and a rich cultural heritage. These meticulously crafted knives are works of art use high-quality carbon or layered Damascus steel. These knives also cater to every culinary need with unmatched versatility. A Sakuraco knife set is a thoughtful way to introduce your dad to the ancient Japanese art of knife-making. At the same time, it provides him with tools that will inspire his culinary creativity for years to come.

Kutani Ware Sake Flask & Cup Set

A Kutani Ware sake flask and cup set.
Kutani originated from present-day Ishikawa Prefecture.

Indulge your dad’s appreciation for fine craftsmanship and Japanese culture with the exquisite Kutani Ware Sake Flask & Cup set—an ideal Father’s Day gift! Featuring intricate patterns unique to Kutani ware pottery, this set embodies centuries of Japanese artistic tradition. This stunning piece when not in use can transform into an elegant cylinder, enhancing a living space with a touch of Japanese sophistication. Every detail, from its vibrant depictions of traditional Japanese motifs to its rich cultural heritage, reflects the artistry and history of Kutani Ware.

Mt. Fuji Sakura Glass

A glass tumbler resembling Mount Fuji, one of many great gifts for Father's Day.
This breathtaking glass resembles Japan’s tallest mountain.

This Mt. Fuji glass, crafted by skilled Japanese artisans, proudly showcases the exquisite craftsmanship of Toyo Sasaki Glass. Its captivating design intricately captures the beauty of Mt. Fuji, Japan’s iconic snow-capped peak, symbolizing the nation’s enduring beauty and resilience.

Beyond glassware, it embodies a deep reverence for Japanese artistry and meticulous craftsmanship, seamlessly harmonizing aesthetic beauty with everyday utility. This Father’s Day, give the gift of artistry and tradition with the Mt. Fuji glass.

Matcha White Chocolate Daifuku

A box of matcha white chocolate daifuku.
This daifuku combines white chocolate’s smooth taste with matcha’s earthy tones.

These tasty treats perfectly highlight traditional Japanese flavors and premium Uji matcha from Kyoto, Japan. Each matcha white chocolate daifuku is a delicate masterpiece crafted with care. The bright green color comes from matcha powder, finely ground from unique green tea leaves. Additionally, the matcha gives the daifuku a unique earthy flavor that’s slightly sweet and refreshingly bitter at the same time. The delicate mochi has a white chocolate filling, creating a fantastic mix of flavors and textures in every bite.

Sencha & Genmaicha with Matcha Japanese Tea Set

A Japanese tea set featuring sencha and genmaicha. It's one of many great Father's Day gifts to buy.
This authentic tea is from Shizuoka Prefecture.

This special tea set features containers with intricate designs that showcase traditional Japanese designed with a modern and colorful twist. The set includes sencha, a classic green tea variety, and genmaicha, which blends green tea with toasted brown rice for a nutty flavor profile. This unique tea set boast from Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan offers a rich and unique taste experience. Share the journey of flavor and culture of Japan this Father’s Day.

Why should I pick up these Father’s Day gifts?

You should pick up these Father’s Day gifts from Sakuraco because they connect uniquely to Japan’s rich cultural heritage. From delicious daifuku to stunning glass tumblers, these gifts will give your loved ones a glimpse into Japan’s craftsmanship! Happy Father’s Day!

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Discover authentic flavors with Sakuraco

Enjoy new Japanese sweets, snacks and tea every month starting from $32.50USD

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