Gift Baskets for Mom: Best Traditional Japanese Edition!


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A mother and a daughter laughing at a bar in the spirit of Mother's Day and gift baskets for Mom.

When making gift baskets for Mom, especially on Mother’s Day, common gifts include fruit baskets, a day brunch, and even a home spa day! But if your special someone wants a unique gift this May, why not give her a traditional Japanese gift?

Traditional Japanese gifts are simple, sophisticated, and excellent for any home! Even more importantly, they’ll last longer than flowers, or even better, give the flowers a place to stay! So without further ado, here are five Japanese gifts we recommend for Mother’s Day!

Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko is a cultural symbol in Japan believed to bring good luck and prosperity. This cat figurine is commonly found in businesses and homes, with different colors and styles associated with different types of luck. Legends surrounding the cat tell stories of its ability to bring good fortune to those who display it undeniably. 

A fat, pink porcelain maneki neko with the left paw raised. It's perfect to include in gift baskets for mom.
Maneki neko bring good luck! Image via Shutterstock

The iconic raised paw and decorative elements of Maneki Neko make it a beloved symbol in Japanese culture. It can also make a great Mother’s Day gift, symbolizing good fortune and prosperity that can bring joy and luck to a loved one’s home or business. Its various styles and colors make it a versatile gift option that can be customized to suit any taste or preference.

Japanese Incense

Japanese incense is a centuries-old form of traditional aromatherapy. It is made from natural ingredients like sandalwood, agarwood, and cinnamon and is used for meditation, relaxation, and purification. Overall, burning incense is considered a form of mindfulness, with the scent and smoke used as focal points for meditation and relaxation. 

Japanese incense in a black holder, next to some hot pink flowers. These are great additions to gift baskets for mom.
Japanese incense mainly uses sandalwood and agarwood. Image via Shutterstock

It’s available in various scents and forms like sticks, cones, and coils; each scent has unique properties. In addition, it can make an excellent gift for loved ones who enjoy aromatherapy and meditation. Its natural ingredients and eco-friendly production methods make it a sustainable and environmentally conscious gift option. Overall, Japanese incense is a beautiful and meaningful part of Japanese culture that can be enjoyed worldwide.

Flower Vase

Basically, Japanese flower vases are essential to Japanese pottery, featuring unique designs and exceptional craftsmanship. From the rustic Bizen and Shigaraki styles to the elegant Hagi and Karatsu styles, Japanese pottery has a significantly long tradition that dates back thousands of years. 

A Japanese flower vase, surrounded by sakura. This is a common addition to gift baskets for mom.
Japanese pottery is treasured worldwide! Image via Shutterstock

Generally, they enhance the natural beauty of the flowers they hold. Usually, they come from various materials, including ceramic, porcelain, and glass, and come in various shapes and sizes. Japanese flower vases have a unique style and appeal. People adorn them with traditional motifs and patterns, such as cherry blossoms, cranes, and waves.

A Japanese vase can hold fresh flowers or become an elaborate work of art, making it a beautiful and functional addition to any home. It can also make an excellent gift for loved ones who appreciate art and design. All in all, its unique style and craftsmanship make it a meaningful and timeless gift that can be cherished for years.

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Kimonos are exquisite traditional Japanese garments with unique designs and intricate patterns made from silk, cotton, and wool. They are T-shaped robes with an obi sash that falls to the ankle. Originally a formal garment exclusive to the aristocracy, kimonos have evolved to reflect modern times. Many people, especially traditional performers, still wear them on special occasions. 

A woman in a traditional powder blue kimono.
You can never go wrong with a kimono for Mother’s Day! Image via Shutterstock

Nonetheless, various styles include the formal furisode with long patterned sleeves and the casual yukata worn in summer. A kimono makes a thoughtful gift for those who appreciate Japanese fashion and culture. The wide range of sizes and styles makes it a versatile gift option. The kimono is a timeless part of Japanese culture that continues to captivate people worldwide.

Kokeshi Doll

Kokeshi dolls are traditional Japanese wooden dolls famous for their simple yet beautiful designs. Made from a single piece of wood, they have a cylindrical body, a round head with a painted face, and intricate patterns on their bodies. They were first made in the early 19th century as toys for children but have since become popular souvenirs and collectible items.

Three kokeshi dolls with white skin and red kimono. These are unusual but lovely additions to gift baskets for mom.
Kokeshi dolls are a traditional talisman for protection. Image via Shutterstock

Undeniably, kokeshi dolls come in many styles, each with unique features and designs. Popular styles include the Naruko style, with a brightly painted body and a flower pattern on the head. There’s also the Tsugaru style, with a more abstract and geometric design.

All in all, the kokeshi doll makes an excellent gift for those who appreciate Japanese culture and art. Its simple yet elegant design and patterns make it a timeless and meaningful gift that can be cherished for years. Moreover, kokeshi dolls come in various sizes and styles, making them a customizable gift option that can suit any taste or preference.

What should I get for Mother’s Day?

As noted, traditional Japanese gifts make excellent Mother’s Day gifts for those who appreciate artistic uniqueness and cultural tradition. The Japanese flower vase is a beautiful and functional addition to any home, with intricate designs and exceptional craftsmanship. 

In addition, the kimono is a treasured part of Japanese culture. Each of these gifts continues to inspire and captivate people worldwide with its exquisite beauty and unique style. The kokeshi doll is simple yet elegant, with a rich history and tradition. These Japanese gift baskets for Mom can last for years and offer a meaningful way to celebrate the extraordinary women in our lives.

What would you like to put in your gift baskets for Mom this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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