Karuizawa and Other Awesome Summer Getaways in Japan!


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A bunch of umbrellas in Karuizawa, Nagano.

Japan offers many options to embrace summertime bliss, from awe-inspiring nature spots to picturesque beaches and charming villages. Among these delightful getaways, Karuizawa in Nagano is an excellent and accessible location that promises an idyllic summer escape. Let’s look at Karuizawa and other unique summer getaways in Japan!

Karuizawa, Nagano

Karuizawa is a beautiful mountainous resort area located in Nagano prefecture. It’s known as a perfect place to spend the summer because of the comfortable climate, which is cool and refreshing. The town has been a favorite summer getaway since the 1900s for those living in Tokyo.

Generally, the city is home to art galleries, top-notch restaurants, shopping streets, and beautiful trails and waterfalls. If you enjoy shopping, head to Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza, one of Japan’s largest outlet malls. It also features scenic views of Mt. Asama to go with many brand-name outlet stores. In recent years, new shopping spots and restaurants have opened to welcome more tourists.

A summer day in Karuizawa, Nagano.
It’s also a popular winter getaway! Image via Shutterstock

Be sure also to pay a visit to Karuizawa Shiraito Falls, a unique spring waterfall popular sightseeing destination. The waterfall also comprises several white streams pouring down, resembling a curtain. Moreover, the site maintains its beauty year-round, with stunning greenery surrounding the waterfall in summer and colorful foliage in autumn.

Some people own vacation houses in Karuizawa and enjoy relaxing with their families during the summer holidays. There are also a lot of tourist attractions that offer natural experiences, such as hiking, horse riding, flying squirrel-watching tours, and kayaking in the lake. Additionally, it has just enough attractions for a weekend getaway. Besides that, just strolling around the peaceful forest in Karuizawa will give you a pleasant time away from your busy life! 

Biei, Hokkaido

Hokkaido is the northernmost prefecture in Japan, so it has a cooler climate than the other areas. The average temperature in Biei is around 25℃, which is the best place to escape heat. Biei is a small town surrounded by a picturesque landscape of gently rolling hills and vast fields. It’s a pleasant way to enjoy the charm of Biei is by cycling or driving through the hills. 

The blue lake at Biei, Hokkaido.
Hokkaido is home to this enchanting blue lake. Image via Shutterstock

Biei belongs to the union of the most beautiful villages in Japan for a reason. It’s one of the best photo spots in Hokkaido, with some of the most photogenic scenery. The area has so much natural appeal that elements of it regularly appear in promotional media for Hokkaido. Chief among the attractions is the Blue Pond, a stunning sight that almost looks otherworldly with its unreal blue color. It alters its color in tune with the seasons and weather.

Also, colorfully named places like Patchwork Road, Panorama Road, Shikisai Hill, and Zerubu Hill feature spectacular flower fields. Vast fields of lavender, sunflowers, poppies, cosmos, and purple salvia create a beautiful patchwork arrangement. With the farmers’ permission, you can stroll through these flower gardens in some locations.

Miyako Island, Okinawa

Escape to a peaceful island in the sun for golf, cycling, and diving among coral reefs. Miyako Island is a beautiful island that belongs to Miyako City in the tropical paradise of Okinawa. It is a beach-lovers paradise of immaculate, white sandy beaches. Miyako Island is a charming place to let your cares slip away while gazing at the endless blue sea. Explore on foot or bike and find peace of mind on Miyako Island.

A bunch of small islands near Miyako Island in Okinawa.
Miyako Island is one of the pearls of Okinawa. Image via Shutterstock

The Miyako Islands are a mecca for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. The waters around the islands are translucent and inviting, and tour operators offer many exciting ways to enjoy the ocean. From glass-bottomed boat trips and parasailing to kayak, it’s a paradise with endless fun activities. The Miyako Islands also feature beautiful beaches, resort accommodations, and chic vacation rentals.

There are numerous sightseeing spots which include scenic coasts and views. Irabu-Ohashi Bridge is one of the highlights, a vast bridge completed back in 2015. Japan’s longest bridge connects Miyako Island with two other islands. You can cross it by car for free and enjoy a stunning ocean view! During summer, many people visit there to enjoy exciting marine sports such as surfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving!  

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Tsunoshima Bridge, Yamaguchi

Tsunoshima Bridge spans over an azure sea, leading to a sunny seaside resort. Located off the northwest coast of Yamaguchi Prefecture, this one-of-a-kind bridge has been featured in several TV commercials. One look, and you’ll see why. Tsunoshima Island is also known for its proximity to the main island and the clear water surrounding it.

The Tsunoshima Bridge in Yamaguchi, a lovely summer getaway similar to Karuizawa.
The waters here are just gorgeous! Image via Shutterstock

During the summer, the 1,780 meters bridge is packed with many cars heading for the beautiful island. It’s a popular course for an ocean drive. Cross the bridge by car to explore the island of Tsunoshima, including the Cobalt Blue Beach resort. Tsunoshima may be out of the way, but getting there is well worth the effort.

If you want to enjoy the bridge view, park your car at Amakaze Park. It offers a panoramic and picturesque view of the massive bridge and the emerald-green ocean. The symbolic bridge leading straight to the island adds an artificial beauty that perfectly suits the surroundings! This scenery is beautifully interwoven with the ocean, islands, and the bridge. 

Niyodo River, Kôchi

Niyodo River is located in Kochi Prefecture. It claims a place among the three most significant rivers in the Shikoku region, alongside the Shimanto River and Yoshino River. The Niyodo River runs for 124km, from deep in the mountains of Shikoku and out into the Pacific Ocean. The river contributes to blessed scenery and the area’s high-quality green tea and citrus fruits. Niyodo River and its tributaries’ mystical waters also offer waterfalls in turquoise, lava-formed rock formations, and ample hiking and camping.

The Niyodo River in Kochi.
This river has some of the most transparent waters in Japan. Image via Shutterstock

The Niyodo River is often ranked as Japan’s most beautiful river, both for the purity of the water and its almost surreal cobalt blue color. Its color is attributed to the lime-rich geology of Mt. Ishizuchi, where the Niyodo River rises. Depending on the weather and season, the color of the river changes continuously, reflecting the sun’s light. Dip your toe in the water and feel your body cool down after taking a relaxing stroll around! 

One of the best spots to take in the glowing blue is at Nikobuchi. Put on your hiking boots, make your way by a handrail, and you’ll find this natural gem waiting to reward you. You can explore the spectacular view area, relax in hot springs, and sip some locally grown tea.

Why is summer so lovely in Japan?

Although summer in Japan sometimes gets too hot, there are perfect summer destinations for a memorable time. Embrace the warm weather at these gorgeous beaches, islands, and mountain retreats from Karuizawa to Miyako Island. Summer is also a perfect time to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and relaxing in resort towns. By traveling to one of these spots, you will discover much to enjoy during the summertime. Where’s your favorite summer getaway in Japan? Let us know in the comments below!

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